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Cordilleras and the Rice Terraces of Banaue

Road in Cordillera Mountains

The Cordilleras… Probably one of the most beautiful places on earth to get an unforgettable Motorcycle Adventure. There are a lot of places you should visit during a Motorcycle Trip to Cordilleras.

View tat Cordilleras

You will find so many beautiful roads there in natural surroundings with low traffic. Prominent examples are the Kennon road from Rosario to Baguio and the Halsema Highway through the wonderful Mountains. Last but not least there is the beautiful Bessang Pass where Filipino Warriors were writing History and what is nowaday an amazing road through beautiful Mountains with nearly no traffic!

Road to Bessang Pass
Cordilleras at Bessang Pass

What else to do? The nice City of Baguio is the preferred Place for Filipinos during the hot summer months (it is always some degrees lesser temperature here).

Baguio in Tripadvisor

Advisable is a visit to the world heritage rice terraces in banaue and the famous mountain village of Sagada!

Banaue in Tripadvisor

Sagada in Tripadvisor

Rice Terraces near Banaue
Rice Terraces Banaue

Travel Time is best from November to April except the so called holy week. That is the week before easter. Feeled everyone from Manila is going to make a holiday in Baguio or Sagada! It can happen that the Kennon Road is completely closed due to heavy traffic.

View from Hotel in Banaue

You should be an experienced Driver, the Mountain Roads needs good driver skills. For the Baguio Region, a light jacket is recommended, because the temperature sometimes can be below 20°. The perfect point to start your Motorcycle Trip to Cordilleras is Angeles City.

Plan this trip with a minimum of 4 days, going out from Angeles City, Pampanga.

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