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Baler, Surf Capital of the Philippines

Northeast of Angeles City, Pampanga is the Surf Capital of the Philippines, Baler! Well known from the famous Movie from Francis Ford Coppola “Apocalypse Now” because the Scene of a Helicopter Attack was made in Baler at the so-called “Charlies Point”. It’s nowadays a Hotspot for Surfers worldwide.

Sea at Baler, Philippines
Beach in Baler

Mostly Motorcycle Drivers are not Surfers, anyway, but the road there (if you don’t take the highway) is beautiful and nice, sometimes adventurous to drive!

Road near  Baler, Philippines
Road to Baler
Crossing the River near  Baler, Philippines
Crossing the River on the Road to Baler

If you stay in Baler, it is highly recommended that you head the Road North, you will find beautiful beaches and stunning views!

Beach north of  Baler, Philippines
Beach north of Baler
Phantastic View north of  Baler, Philippines
Beachview north of Baler

Baler on Tripadvisor

Beach north of  Baler, Philippines
Beach north of Baler
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