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Driving Motorcycle in Philippines

Driving Motorbike in the Philippines is not that easy. You should consider 3 basic rules!

  • First Rule: There are no rules! Although the Philippines have traffic rules as any other country, no one respects them. So always expect the unforeseen.
  • Second Rule: No one really had learned to drive! So dont expect that the other Drivers know how to handle their Vehicle and that they behave like Drivers in your Home country!
  • Third Rule: Everything can be on the road. Animals, water holes, sellers with their stand, people, children. So drive always so that you can stop in the range you can oversee!
Rock on the Road in Philippines
Always expect the Unexpected!

That is why we only recommend for experienced Drivers to drive here with the motorbike. It’s not easy and accidents happen fast. And don’t forget, in most parts of the Philippines there is no rescue helicopter and no hospital. Always have this in your mind, so you know that it’s not the place of driving Races and it’s not the place of going around with max speed! Always plan with enough time, don’t plan the distance too big and don’t hurry when driving.

Traffic in a philippine City
Philippine City

The good message is, its no problem for you to drive at all! The National Driver Licence, together with an international Driver Licence gives you the permission to drive here for up to 3 Months! After 3 Months you will have to change your National Driver Licence into a Philippine Licence.

You also should have in your mind that there is no insurance except a third party liability insurance, which only has a covered amount of Php100,000.00, that’s roundabout 1800€ plus. You can imagine easily that in case of a heavy accident this amount is not enough. And its only third party, so all your own injuries and damages you will have to pay by yourself.

Driving in the Philippines is fun. But it is also something you should do very carefully.

Road in Cordilleras with River
Road in the Philippines

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